Thursday, October 14, 2010

Branching Out

The wine community here is a pretty small and pretty clannish bunch it seems. Who's involved with what winery seems to be in a state of constant change. Page Springs Cellars and Arizona Stronghold it turns out contacted Pillsbury looking for staff to work their tables at this Saturday's Cottonwood Airport Airplane-Old Car-Wine event. So, I get to go to Page Springs tomorrow morning and to the Arizona Stronghold tasting room in the afternoon to do homework for their wines. I've been hoping for a way to spread myself around a bit and learn some more wines, so this is a little stroke of good luck. Page Springs is Eric Glomski's enterprise and the Stronghold is a collaboration between Glomski and Keenan, or something like that. Their tables will be together. I don't know if Caduceus is also involved or will be separate. I'll be writing up tomorrow's tastings and the event itself in the coming days. Stay thirsty.