Merkin V and O Cafe Progress

I seem to be having trouble throwing a camera in the car and getting a shot of Keenan's property, even though I drive past it at least twice a day, so here's a google maps image. I envy my pal Johnny Montezuma, who has cameras surgically implanted several places on his person so he can always document everything. The property is located at 9655 E. Cornville Road, at the corner of Cornville and Loy. Other than being overgrown with pigweed and sticker bushes after the summer rains, it' looks just like this. One wonders what size establishment this is going to be as according to a Yavapai County GIS parcel search, it's only a half acre lot. Not a lot of room for a significant building plus parking and there's not any other parking nearby. 
According to the Yavapai GIS parcel information page, the owner of the property is, I SWEAR I'm not making this up, "THE HARRY MERKIN TRUST".