Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Merkin V and O Cafe page

I've made a separate page to keep track of the progress on the Merkin V and O Cafe project. As I mentioned in a previous post, Maynard James Keenan ( I sure wish that guy had an easier name to type. I'm going to have to make a text file that I can just copy/paste) recently received a license to serve liquor at a Cornville location. I made it into a separate page that you'll see in the very upper left of this page. I meant to get over there today and take some pics of the bare lot as a starting point, but the goats got the better of me and I had to spend several hours repairing my breeding buck's pen. He's in full rut and the girls are teasing the poor guy mercilessly. He's nearly destroyed his pen trying to get to them. But I digress. Look for pics in a day or two. I'm working tomorrow and also will be at the Sedona Winefest Saturday and Sunday so there may not be anything new for a few days. Have a great weekend and buy some local wine if you can wherever you are....remember, no kangaroos, geckos, giant roosters etc. I just took a sip of my wife's glass of herding cats and it may have mellowed a bit since being opened two days ago, but it's still not a bargain.

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John Parsons said...

We wish you Best of Success in your new career! May the Sedona Winefest open many doors and uncork many bottles of fine memories! Happy Trails!